We choose WordPress for many of our client projects because of the intuitive management console and the independence that it provides to update content easily and quickly.

This ease of use comes with an ever-evolving code base that the creators of WordPress keep updated and improving. It is important to stay on top of the updates that the core and plugin authors release in order to keep your site clean and working well.

We have a program available where we centrally manage all of our clients’ WordPress installations. The program is an annual service allows us to handle our clients’ sites more easily and to keep them backed up, up to date, and secure.

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Program Benefits

  • Regular updates of WordPress core
  • Regular updates of plugins
  • Periodic updates of themes, where applicable
  • Regular backups run and stored off-site
  • General health watch
  • Security plugin installation and configuration
  • Review notifications of unusual activity
  • Review weekly reports of logins both failed and successful
  • Automated IP banning
  • Monthly or quarterly security and site health sweep
  • Site code base sweep for any unauthorized file changes
  • Regular review of security admin notifications indicating attempts at site infiltration
  • Investigation of new files created for potential malware
  • Broken link sweep for orphaned hyperlinks
  • Repair or removal of broken links (up to 10 per sweep)
  • Review of 404s for recommendations
  • If hosted at Media Temple, watch for and contact client when an alert is sent out from Media Temple

Program Cost

  • $900/year (paid yearly)
  • $250/quarter (paid quarterly)
  • $95/mo (paid monthly)

We’ll need authorization to charge your credit card per the period you choose.

Program Logistics

We’ll update the core, plugins and theme files on a staging environment first to ensure everything is working as expected after the updates, after which we will make the same changes to the live site. This ensures your website continues to be navigable while the updates are in process. In the rare event that we would need to repair any part of the site that doesn’t make it through the updates unscathed (why we push the updates on a staging site first), we would evaluate the issues and estimate a repair cost.

Longevity and Stability

Keeping your site happy and healthy so it lasts for many years to come is our goal. To sign up today, all you have to do is fill out the form below to get started!

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What Happens Next?

    A representative will be contacting you shortly during business hours to gather details and start the process.
    If we don’t already have access to your site and hosting environment, we’ll need login credentials to both your WordPress backend and your server host.
    The credit card you’ll be using for recurring payments while enrolled.

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