Product Design & Packaging

Nobody wants to walk into a dispensary or grow supply store and feel uninspired and unexcited by the products on the shelves.

We know what it takes for your product to stand out from the others on the shelf, no matter where it’s put on display and our design team loves the challenge of providing unique, custom designs for each and every project.

We also routinely tap in to our extensive network of distributors, vendors, printers, and dispensary owners, to help make sure your packaging is unique and ahead of the curve.

Many of our clients’ packaging designs have included brand new concepts that the industry has never seen before!

“I love our new labels! Working with your team has been a unique experience. Our customers really love our new designs. I’m used to talking about the ingredients in our products at trade shows. But now everyone is asking be about how the design came about, their connection to it and the balance with the new wheel-based symbols connecting to our product line.”

John Piccirili

Founder, Cutting Edge Solutions

Child Resistant Packaging

Your packaging doesn’t have to be limited to re-purposed candle jars, awkward boxes or pharmaceutical containers anymore. It can be as unique as your brand.

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