Child Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Brands

We’re taking compliant packaging to the next level of beauty and innovation.

Customized Branded Packaging Solutions

Pad printing, screen printing, embossing, foil stamping, spot gloss… we’re geeks for customization.

Glass, Wood, Plastics, Metals, Papers and More

Let’s customize your packaging to match the essence of your brand.

ASTM Tested and Certified Packaging

It’s hard to define the line between child resistant and stoner proof, but we figured it out.

Just because it’s compliant, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

We create unparalleled cannabis packaging.

We’re firm believers that cannabis packaging can be both compliant and beautifully designed. This is why we’ve researched and partnered with the top product developers, printers and industrial designers in packaging to identify the most attractive and safe products available. Your packaging doesn’t have to be limited to re-purposed candle jars, awkward boxes or pharmaceutical containers anymore. It can be as unique as your brand. We’ll work with your product line and build a strategy that is ASTM certified compliant and highly attractive. Many cannabis brands are tired of ordering generic products from overseas that don’t meet their standard of quality. We help with that. Let’s develop a product release road map that’s extraordinary, effective and safe.


Your different strains deserve to be displayed clearly to dispensary customers while also CRP compliant. We believe that custom branded flower packaging is the best way for your brand to gain strength in the expanding cannabis market. Over the years flower farmers have been anonymized as dispensaries tend to re-package their products in their own branded jars and bags. Now is the time to re-capture that customer loyalty with your own branded flower packaging

As adult use and recreational laws come into place with each state, keeping the kids out of your stash is clearly top priority. We’ll work with you to build out a packaging strategy that differentiates you from your competition yet still meets compliance standards. We’ll create customized glass, wood, metals or smell-proof bags so your flower and brand captivate your audience’s attention and converts them into loyal customers.


Pre-rolls offer an opportunity for strain variety, customer experience and margin like no other. They're convenient for the user and vital to any flower producer. The stringent compliance required for pre-rolls offers a unique challenge to new companies. Unfortunately the days of a simple box of smokes are over for cannabis brands. So, how do you meet new ASTM standards without losing that unique experience that your customers have grown to expect? We've got some pretty unique solutions.

Once we fully understand the essence of your brand, our team of product designers will craft a packaging strategy that ensures that your pre-roll product experience is true to the core of your brand's values and purpose. Our network of product manufacturers is vast and spans every material you can think of. This allows us to find the solution that meets your creative, tactile and budget requirements. We're ready to build a product platform that elevates your pre-roll line while staying within your state's compliance requirements.

You're doing the best graphic & branding work out there in my opinion - and I see a lot of work.

Ed Kilduff
CEO - Pollen Gear


We're firm believers that extracts and vaporizers represent the most opportunity for design innovation. As high quality has become a minimum standard, the difference between an average vape line and an extraordinary one frequently comes down to the brand and the packaging. Our exclusive relationships with many of the industry's best industrial designers allow us the chance to get our clients into prototype packaging before their competitors even know it exists.

Vaporizers allow us to cross the line between weed nerds and technology geeks to create products beyond cannabis. As with the most successful tech products, the experiential packaging is a vital part of your customer's experience. We've had the opportunity to brand and package the most successful extract product lines in the industry. Our team of strategists and creatives have an insatiable drive to innovate, inspire and elevate our clients and their customers. It's high time to get them focused on your brand.


There's no arguing that edibles are the most important cannabis products for child proof packaging. If a kid knows that the contents of the box are chocolate or candy, they'll go to great ends to get inside. This is why we've identified the most innovative CRP developers and established agency partnerships with them. We design child resistant boxes, exit bags, plastic containers and metal tins. Each with a clever design that leaves the contents inside inaccessible to the most determined kid.

Beyond the physical box, we design a labeling strategy that allows you flexibility to expand or change your product line without having to reproduce expensive packaging. We work directly with your legal team to ensure that by the time you've approved your packaging and labels for print, you can rest easy that you've met compliance standards and won't be risking your valuable license.

For years, you guys have been the secret weapon of our success.

Dennis Hunter
CannaCraft / Absolute Xtracts / Care By Design / Satori Chocolates


Concentrates and cosmetics packaging are close cousins. Over the years we've enjoyed working with some pretty amazing cosmetics packaging designers that are thrilled to transition from makeup to weed. Now that the laws are changing, it's become necessary to innovate further to ensure that the clever concentrate container is child resistant. Our team is up to the task. We're deep in research & development on some custom molded concentrate containers that are not only safe, but very effective.

We believe that big things can come in small packages and nowhere is that more apropos than in the world of concentrate products. When we take the dab, hash, trim run, rosin, wax, shatter, live resin, oil, crumble, sap, budder, transdermal, C02 oil... (did we name them all?) packaging and make it attractive and child proof, you'll dominate your market.

Research & Development

3D Printed Prototypes, Dielines, Laser Cut Boxes, Photorealistic Renderings and Awesome Concepts

Before your packaging gets sent to production, we'll create concepts that are as close to the real thing as possible. The level of research we put into our packaging design is thorough and detailed. We go the distance to ensure that by the time you've received your final packaging, it's exactly as you had envisioned creatively and functionally. Our manufacturers trust that our agency represents the volume necessary to prepare in-hand concept prototypes before the final orders are made. This allows you to hold the packaging in your hand, fill it with your product, share it with your key stakeholders and fully understand what you're purchasing before you put in the order.

When physical prototype concepts aren't necessary, we still go the extra mile. Our talented 3D design team will provide you with photorealistic renderings that allow you to truly envision how your packaging will look before it's ever been actually created. These visual tools help you make confident decisions and are vital to manufacturers as they bring your vision into real life.

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