Branding & Identitiy

Crafting a beautiful brand and sending it into the world to live out it’s destiny is one of our greatest passions. We’ve been fortunate to have launched some of the most successful brands in cannabis and hydroponics. What makes the difference between a successful brand and one that struggles for traction in this busy market? The answer is purpose. We build purpose-driven brands. When your brand truly stands for something that your audience resonates with, you don’t build customers, you build loyal fans. It’s our mission to work with you to discover the core essence of your business and bring it forward to the world with beautiful design, compelling messaging and products that set you apart from your competitors.

We work closely with you to take a deep dive into your history, values, target audience, competitors and personality to build a meaningful brand that is both powerful and compelling. Yes, we design beautiful logos, but behind every design is a strategy that serves as a road map toward long term sustainability and customer loyalty. We understand the unique terrain of the cannabis industry and help you build a brand strategy that speaks directly to the motivating influences of your target customers.

If you’re starting a new brand, launching new products or rebranding your cannabis business, our team of talented designers and strategists are ready to be your new creative ally.

See cards below for our branding and logo designs within the cannabis industry.

“I can’t tell you how many people love our logo! I tell everybody who did it. Thank you so much for your [work].”

Joe Chepes

Herban Voyage

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