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The Hybrid Creative delivered a versatile logo that could be transposed on a variety of formats from products to apparel to hand-crafted wooden signage.


How do I make sure my retail space shines and supports my brand?


Emerald Pharms recently completed a beautiful dispensary space but lacked new menu signage and sales materials to consistently focus on the brand and enhance the in-store customer experience, particularly for the flower products, which are cleverly identified by terpene profiles.


The Hybrid Creative designed the overall branding for Emerald Pharms a few months prior, including logo and business cards, so we were perfectly positioned to fully integrate the brand’s look and feel into their retail space. In doing so, we developed overall trade-dress elements, including unique, easily identifiable icons for their sales boards and helpful rack cards detailing their flowers with color coded-pricing and a legend to further educate the consumer on terpene profiles. We enhanced the space with beautiful illustrations of cannabis leaves, crystals and whole ingredients, in a style that complemented the current ambiance of the space.


The Hybrid Creative evolved the already beloved branding and logo design for Emerald Pharms into a seamless customer-friendly retail experience while maintaining the highest level of brand consistency.

We continued to evolve the feeling of the brand by capturing the textures of the retail space, and incorporating elements that further articulated the dispensary’s unique personality.   
Laurel, CD


The Hybrid Creative is currently working with Emerald Pharms to support their new website design. We look forward to bringing the visual experience of the dispensary to their online presence in collaboration with other creative minds on their team.



Located in Hopland, CA, 100 miles north of San Francisco, Emerald Pharms is a solar-powered medical marijuana dispensary and resource center specializing in regional heirloom genetics offering an extensive selection of high quality, lab-tested CBD-rich and THC products.




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