Project Goals

Erez Gudes came to us with an idea for his new company, which provides high quality vaporizer cartridges. His top priorities were to come up with a company name, logo, and packaging artwork.


After going through our Company Naming Exploration process, Erez chose a name for his new company – WildSeed. Once the name was chosen, our team moved into the Company Brand Development phase of work, to give Erez and WildSeed a solid visual foundation.

Our designers set off on an evolutionary journey to interpret the WildSeed brand values in a visual way. After moving from one concept to another, the creative process led to a final design that resonated with the WildSeed team. To everyone’s surprise, the chosen design was one of the less ornate concepts, yet it just felt like right choice.

Once the logo and brand aesthetic was chosen, the next step was to create WildSeed’s product packaging. Pre-pressing the packaging artwork required focus and expertise, to ensure the final files reflected the artwork’s specialty print needs.

Of all the daunting tasks that are inherent in a start up business, branding and design is what I was least looking forward to. The process was more circular than I had anticipated, and in the end we nailed the target perfectly, with a final product that exceeded my expectations.

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