Veg+Bloom Website Design and Custom Nutrient Calculator


The Challenge
Solstice Garden Supply came to us as the parent company and sole distributor of a quartet of plant nutrient products, created by Hydroponic Research. Hydroponic Research knew their customers were relying on their products to grow strong, healthy plants, which is why each and every one of their products is formulated using straight-forward ingredients sourced from organic materials, with very low traces of metals.

After building a reputation for high-quality plant nutrient products during their five years on the market, Solstice Supply and Hydroponic Research found themselves poised for massive growth and a need to streamline their marketing and sales process.

Before our team even began working on the initial project for the Hydroponic Research and VEG+BLOOM brands, an urgent marketing opportunity arose and our client found themselves in a bind. One phone call to their project manager was all it took to have our design team adjust their workload to focus on the creation of a full-page magazine ad for VEG+BLOOM’s “Powder To The People” campaign.

In less than 24 hours, our team had created a custom designed full page ad, specifically created to look like an Instagram post. Our team’s flexibility and top-notch design skills showed Solstice Garden Supply that they had made the right choice, in signing on with The Hybrid Creative.

The VEG+BLOOM project included a number of our services, such as website design and development, copywriting, marketing collateral design, trade show booth design, custom illustration, and apparel design.

Throughout the project, special focus was given to the creation and execution of a cross-branding strategy so that customers could see that Hydroponic Research and Solstice Supply were the creators and suppliers of the popular line of plant nutrient products.

Every effort was made to ensure the new website was user friendly, informative, and highly functional. The end result was a site that not only a wealth of educational resources and scientific data, but also gave customers an interactive product locator, downloadable feeding charts, and an intuitive online store.

The crown jewel of the new website, however, was the custom-coded, interactive nutrient calculator. With this robust and multi-function tool, users are able to easily determine which combination and quantities of Hydroponic Research’s products they should be using for an optimal yield, based on their current systems and water quality.

Working with the entire VEG+BLOOM team was a terrific experience and we’re extremely proud of the final results!

Company Info

Since the 1990s, Christopher LaRose has been perfecting a simple, optimal formula designed to produce ideal results in hydroponic crops at a minimal cost. The formula evolved in both typical hydroponic environments and more complex, controlled circumstances – the result is a broad-spectrum formula that allows hydroponic crops to thrive under an array of conditions. The cumulation of this research is VEG+BLOOM, the most advanced, economical, and outstanding hydroponic nutrient formula available. Overwhelmed by the results, he decided to share the formula with interested growers in 2010 and established Hydroponic Research, a formulator of hydroponic nutrients focused on rapidly maturing, oil-producing plants that generate a maximum yield at a minimum cost.

Plant Nutrients

The Nutrient Calculator

The interactive calculator walks the customer through easy to understand growing conditions and nutrient needs input, resulting in both Veg+Bloom products and applicable volumes.

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