Turkey Bags Illustration and Packaging Design

Project Goals

Left Coast Garden Wholesale acquired a cannabis bag company and wanted to freshen up the design of the products. They came to us to create unique designs for the bags and to add their playful aesthetic to the brand. One element that they wanted to carry over from the old design was the sasquatch character. We knew this was going to be fun.

Sources & Inspiration

The Hybrid Creative did a complete character study of the sasquatch and the many depictions that have been made of the mythical creature. The image that really struck us came from a State Farm commercial; we loved the shape of his body and our illustrator Michael Houghton used it as the inspiration for the series of illustrations.


The finished packaging not only drew you in with its bright, colorful design–it also told a humorous story about the plight of the sasquatch character who was just trying to live a good life but was constantly being meddled with by some crazy turkeys (fun tip: one turkey is extra crazy and you can spot him in each picture).

“Who said selling bags couldn’t be playful and fun”

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