Sonoma’s Finest Logo Design

Project Goals

Sonoma’s Finest came to The Hybrid Creative looking to brand their cannabis company. They had a long history selling top-notch flowers to dispensaries but like many cannabis companies, had not yet established a brand.

Sources & Inspiration

The Hybrid Creative did a fun branding process with the company. They wanted to play with festival imagery and sacred geometry, both of which they felt suited their company culture and local mentality. We proposed a lotus-like image which reflected these themes and also showcased a seven-leafed flower, much like the one Sonoma’s Finest had mastered growing.


The finished “marijuana lotus” exceeded the clients expectations. The bright colors, clean design, and splash of new-age represents the brand and resonates with their customers.

The “Marijuana Lotus” is one of a kind and suits both the company and the customers of Sonoma’s Finest.

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