Just Baked

Project Goals

When Just Baked owners, Deb and Phil McGauley, came to us, they had a really great idea, but didn’t know how to go about making it happen. Phil, a long-time professional chef who was trained by Chef John Ash, had been making savory pot pies for years when the idea to make a line of cannabis-infused pot pies struck: 

We have unfortunately seen friends succumb to cancer who while during chemo treatments, were told to try edibles to help with the side effects. They complained that there were only sweets offered, and they didn’t like eating chocolates or other sweets.


That sparked an idea for us to produce our regular pies, but made with cannabis infused butter for that homemade touch. The results are amazing. Not only are patients able to eat a healthy meal, but they receive the pain and nausea relief, and appetite at the same time to get them through the day, and are able to get the much needed rest and sleep they require to keep their strength.

When we met with the McGauleys, we found that they needed branding, business cards and marketing collateral, packaging design work, and a website, to help make their passion project a reality.


Our team went to work to deliver artwork that reflected the down-home, comforting approach of Phil’s style of cooking, while also setting Just Baked’s medicated pot pies apart from the rest of edibles products on the local market.

The first thing we set to work on was the development of the Just Baked company branding, followed by the creation of artwork for business cards, promotional flyer, pie box packaging, and then the design and development of the Just Baked website. In tandem with the many design deliverables that our team was working on, we had one of our professional photographers visit Deb and Phil’s home for a photoshoot of their mouth-watering pot pies.

Just Baked pies are made with all locally sourced products and provide the nutrition needed, and the medicated pies will provide calming pain relief throughout the day and/or night, without the need to over medicate with narcotics or OTC pain pills.

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