Giggle Therapeutics Packaging Design

Project Goals

To create a packaging design that expressed the elements of Giggle Therapeutics product: natural, playful, giggle-inducing. The packaging design also needed to inform the customer about ingredients, highlight the gluten-free aspect, and express the company brand.

Sources & Inspiration

Giggle therapeutics wanted to explore the imagery of the Hindu goddess Kali with illustrative pieces that highlight ingredients of the product. The client jumped at the opportunity to have their packaing design entertain through playful artwork.


A Gorilla Goddess with a banana skirt perched on a peanut. Need we say more? The Hybrid Creative had a blast bringing this concept to fruition. Not only was the finished packaging design colorful and entertaining, it also clearly expressed all of the required information from ingredient lists to THC content to portion size.

Playful expression captures attention and creative packaging

designs can be both entertaining and informative.

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