Fiddler’s Greens

Project Goals

The Fiddler’s Greens team came to us to help them get their new company off the ground. Shannon and Cameron had already decided upon a name, but needed everything else to go to market: Company branding, marketing materials, product packaging, and a web presence.


Building off of the meaning and mythology of the name, “Fiddler’s Greens,” our talented team of designers created a vibrant, nautical aesthetic, which is present throughout the entire brand experience.

Starting with a logo design, we created a number of design deliverables which embodied the brand narrative, from their brochure which opens up to look like an early 1700s map of the seven seas, to the labels for their raw tinctures that look like something you might find being peddled on a tropical island.

The Fiddler’s Greens website was designed and developed to be informational, but not overwhelming; whimsical, yet¬†professional; and delivers on the brand’s goal of being honest and approachable. From beginning to end, our team considered ourselves fortunate to have been able to bring Fiddler’s Greens’¬†ideas, passion, and motivations to life!

We could not have asked for better partners to take our brand to the next level! We are constantly getting positive feedback on our brand and packaging.

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