Project Goals

Essenciere came to The Hybrid Creative as a brand new company taking extracted terpenes to market–a relatively new category. Company brand development, logo, packaging design, and website creation were the initial needs. Their target demographic is a connoisseur of cannabis and fine things.

Sources & Inspiration

They wanted a look that felt as clean as apple but as high end as Alfani. The price point is attainable but we did not want the packaging to look low-budget.


We settled on a clean, black and white design with chrome accents. The logo reiterates the name of the company and the packaging offers ample white space for a modern and elegant feel. The website offers a clean and modern presentation to focus on the product and branding with minimal clutter, while maintaining an easily updated content management system to grow into.

A sleek and polished design showcases the purity of this new product in a relatively new category.

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