Earthen Farms

Project Goals

Few cannabis growers have come to us with a background that proves their commitment and passion for cannabis, than Earthen Farms. They grow their cannabis through a strict regimen of earth-first, biodynamic farming methods, which strives to give back to the soil as much as it gives the plants. While Earthen Farms had an endless abundance of passion for their craft, they needed someone to give their endeavor a market presence, including brand development, marketing collateral design, trade show booth design, copywriting, and a website.


Our team created a brand identity which resonates with the sophisticated, eco-conscious consumer. Their marketing materials – from business cards to flyers – incorporate the results of our copywriting expertise, which effectively communicates Earthen Farms’ mission and philosophy. Armed with a scalable-yet-minimalist web presence and supplies for trade show appearances, Earthen Farms is ready to show the world how a commitment to sustainable farming can lead to a superior product.

Small batch cannabis, organically grown with wholehearted compassion on a south facing cottage farm in Mendocino County California

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